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This web site, at the domains and, is a non-commercial project for entertainment purposes only. Our goal is to provide Halloween-related entertainment, especially for those who may not be able to celebrate with traditional Halloween activities in light of the pandemic. We might also like to show off.

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Young Vistors

We make no effort to determine the age of vistors to the web site. We make no effort to collect personally identifiable data for any visitors, so we’re not creating profiles of your children either.

The web site has material that may be enjoyed by children, but it is also made to entertain Halloween enthusiasts of all ages, so other material may contain more intense scares and even gore. We want everyone to find the Halloween fun they would enjoy.

We’ve attempted to separate the more intense items to make it easier for parents and guardians to avoid it as they supervise their child’s visits to the site. But we’ve put no real barriers to more intense material. What you or your child might consider more intense may be different than our judgment.

If you would be providing adult supervision for your child to go door-to-door asking for candy on Halloween night, you probably should be doing the same for their web surfing. Don’t blame us if material on our site frightens your children or induces tears, screams, or nightmares. We will, however, take credit for laughter, joy, and a love of Halloween activities. You’re welcome.